The RedHelmet brand was developed from the best European technologies and techniques for ecological dry cleaning of automotive, aeronautical and nautical vehicles. RedHelmet is conceptualized in controlled production for high quality products and excellent results for the user and professional service provider.

In our formulas and compositions, we use raw materials of the best quality. Our mission is to provide efficient cleaning, protecting your vehicle in collaboration with the environment. We take care of your property as if it were ours!

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"RedHelmet avoids waisting water. Traditional Car Wash consumes between 200 and 500 liters of water."

The RedHelmet Differentials

Exclusive ecological formula and totally safe. It can be applied under the sun, without risk of stains or burns in the painting.

Product ready for use, wherever your vehicle is.

The 200ml bottle is portable and washes up to 5 medium cars.

RedHelmet 1000ml washes up to 25 medium cars, with excellent results and impeccable finish. Two people can wash the exterior of the vehicle in only15 minutes.

RedHelmet cleans, waxes and increases paint protection progressively, creating a layer of crystallization on the surface.

High quality and controlled production.

RedHelmet can be used as finishing wax.

Designed to be used on all exterior surfaces of the vehicle, inside shield, windows and acrylic, present in the cockpit of cars, motorcycles, boats and airplanes.

RedHelmet eliminates dirt, grease, resins, insects, bird spots and more.