How to perform an excellent waterless car wash


– Ecological waterless wash technology product;

– 2 clean and dry microfibre cleaning cloths; (1 for application and 1 for shining);

– 2 clean and dry brushes for polishing and shining;

– Brush for detailing (use on wheels and friezes);

– If you wish, also use a moisturizer for external plastics and tires renovation.


RedHelmet is an eco-friendly waterless wash technology product designed to be used in: cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, helicopters, bicycles and also musical instruments. Its high quality promotes cleaning action and progressive protection. Its frequent use creates a protective layer of crystallization that maintains the luster and reduces the adhesion of dirt, all without scratching and without using water. It should be applied across the surface of the vehicle including glass, metal, plastic, rubber, wheels, preserving and extending the life span of acrylic surfaces. Exclusive ecological formula and totally safe! It can be applied under the sun, without risk of damaging or burning paint


We highly recommend the microfibre cleaning cloths, 40 cm x 40 cm or 40 cm x 60 cm.


If you want to get a more detailed and quality wash, use a brush with soft bristles, never hard bristles! Use only brushes with plastic edges and never the ones made with metal.

How to perform a perfect waterless wash:

Always begin cleaning by the top parts of the vehicle such as the roof, columns and windows. Then go down to the doors, hoods and sides before proceeding to the bottoms, mudguards and finally the tires. If the engine is very hot, open the bonnet and let it up, so you contribute to its rapid cooling before cleaning it.

1. Keep the vehicle properly in the shade. If you wish to do the cleaning using RedHelmet under the sun, reduce the size of the application areas of the product and use the second microfiber cloth immediately to even the protection and to lift the gloss, avoiding any evaporation.

2. Spray the product directly into the desired area, ideal for areas of 50 cm x 50cm. Warning: Remember that an average car with moderate dirt consumes 40 ml to 50 ml for perfect cleaning and progressive protection using RedHelmet. For other products available in the market, follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Wipe the microfiber cloth over the sprayed area and remove the dirt without using force, always in one direction, pushing the dirt away from the surface into the cleaning cloth;

3. Next, use the second dry microfiber cloth to finish, even the protection and lift the gloss;

4. When cleaning very dirty vehicles and if necessary, repeat the process in the same areas, without applying force to avoid scratches.

In some cases, dirt is more difficult to remove. Spray RedHelmet again and let the product act for a few moments and then wipe and finish for shining.

Dry cleaning is environmentally friendly as it avoids water waisting.

It cleans and protects your vehicle progressively and does not need an appropriate place for cleaning.

Enjoy the unique results of RedHelmet anywhere!