Professional Partners

Become a Professional Partner RedHelmet - Waterless Wash Technology.

RedHelmet Brasil offers its professional partners the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur!

With low initial investment and a quick return, you become independent and can Own your Business. You can establish your Ecological Dry Wash anywhere, or you can serve your customers wherever they are located.

‘‘Great prospects for expansion and for setting up your own team’’.

RedHelmet has complete Kits for you to serve your customers with excellence, agility, technology and profitability.

The RedHelmet Professional Partnership was developed for those who want to start their own business, be a successful entrepreneur, but want to invest little and get a quick return.

RedHelmet aims to be always developing and seeking intelligent and innovative solutions in automotive services

An average car can be perfectly cleaned and sanitized in less than 1 hour by 1 person only!

Build Your Own Business, have Financial Stability, have more time for you and your family. This is an opportunity for great income and great profitability.

With Low Investment and High Profitability you can become the owner of your Mobile Ecological Dry Wash, with full freedom to work, no need to invest in a fixed location and infrastructure.

Return on Initial Investment is immediate. With the acquisition of a Professional RedHelmet Professional Kit and cleaning only 5 cars a day, at 40 reais each, in a week you have the return of investment and daily profit

Large possibilities of places to attend!

Shopping Centers




Residential and Commercial condominiums
(In many places, traditional wash with water and soap is prohibited, great opportunity for Waterless Wash Technology cleaning!)

Colleges and Universities

Dealers (Cars, Motorcycles and Boats) and more!

Contact us! Order your RedHelmet Professional Kit and start serving your customers immediately!